Aprons for Every Occasion

Leather Barbecue Apron seems like an old-fashioned item. Mention them and people think of pioneer women or 1950’s housewives. In truth, aprons are a fun and functional item that can come in handy in a variety of situations.

The most obvious place for an apron is in the kitchen. No matter how neat a cook you are, splashes and spills will invariably happen. A nice white apron can make anyone feel like a master chef. White aprons are also easy to clean since stains can be bleached out without fading colors. Bib aprons keep your party clothes covered while you put the finishing touches on a meal before your guests arrive. Men love bib aprons when grilling outdoors to protect them from sauce and sizzling meat that can come off a grill. Kitchen aprons can come in fabrics other than the traditional cotton twill. Messes wipe right off bibs made of nylon and vinyl. You can find many novelty aprons as well that can provide a festive or humorous touch to any situation.

Aprons are great for housework and maintenance as well. Pocket aprons provide places to store small, often needed items. When cleaning windows, you can put towels in the pockets and slide the cleaner’s trigger into your aprons’ ties for easy carrying. While tidying, the pockets provide a place to put little things that need to be put away while leaving your hands free for larger items. Pockets are a convenient place to stash tape measures, nails, and small tools while you work around the house. If you have a home workshop, an apron can help keep you safe. The ties keep the apron close to your body and help control your shirttails, keeping them out of the reach of machinery.

An apron is a handy item to keep around your workplace, too. Black aprons look neat and professional in a variety of situations. Even in an office environment, one often has to do some physical work that can damage clothes. If you are boxing items to shipped, cleaning out a stockroom, or simply eating a messy lunch, putting an apron on can protect your clothes and save you on cleaning and mending bills. If you are running a store or other business, aprons can be an excellent and comfortable choice as a uniform. One size fits all and your employees can wear the aprons over their own street clothes. Customers can easily identify staff by the matching aprons and the business saves money on uniforms.