wolf pendant and Jewelry For the Holiday, Why Not?

Jewelry can come in many shapes, designs and materials that match the woman. If you are you looking for something special for her this year and know she hates to wear anything that sparkles, bone carvings may be just the ticket.

Carved jewelry can be primitive or sophisticated to match her personality and character. You can go in different directions with this type of jewelry without it becoming an overwhelming experience. If she wears this style already, you can compliment a piece you know she wears often.

Jade can be a good choice if she is from Oriental descent or is interested in their culture. It s a subtle stone with greenish, white or even a charcoal tints that can match many color schemes in her wardrobe. The typical designs are centered on Chinese symbolism and animals like dragons, monkeys and turtles.

If you are looking for something a bit more bold and primitive, then a wolf pendant or pendant may be the way to go and is usually for the gal who is into more active in nature and the outdoors. A bone carving of a wolf or bear around her neck or as part of a charm bracelet can easily fit within here look. If you are searching for a more down to earth design, but still carries a high degree of complexity, a carved mother of pearl pendant or necklace may be more suitable. With a mother of pearl as the centerpiece of the design, it will easily compliment any wardrobe and is sure to draw attention to the piece as well as the individual who wears it.