Survey Software for Market Research

Let’s look at a product’s demographic of Bratz Dolls, popular toys available in most retail stores, most often appeals to is girls aged six to 12. Thus, the company that makes and distributes these dolls targets their marketing efforts on females within these age ranges. In general, all companies rely heavily on input from customers regardless of what the product is. Customer surveys help businesses improve their customer service, better their products and change so that they are more useful and more popular with more people. Survey software and online survey tools are often used for scientific research. When used for scientific research these surveys are most often filled out by volunteers who answer questions based on personal observations of their bodies and the way their bodies interact with different medications and stimuli. Both market research and scientific research are very worthwhile and exciting purposes for research.

When survey software is put to use for market research it can illuminate a lot of different subjects that are very important to businesses such as demographics, buying trends, customer perceptions of the value of a product and their shopping experience as well as unmet desires. Carefully taking into account customer opinions helps businesses stay competitive in an ever changing market. Surveys can ask specific questions that deal with very specific concerns that the company might have or they can ask broad, open ended questions that investigate issues important to all businesses. Surveys can use multiple choice or open ended questions, although multiple choice questions are much easier to interpret and to put into graphs and charts.

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While surveys can be conducted on paper, more often than not companies are utilizing online survey software such as Survey Crafter and SurveyMonkey. Depending on the type of business you run, or the time of information you are hoping to gain from your survey, either method can be very effective, however when you use survey software the process of analyzing your results becomes a lot less painful, and much of it can be done by the computer rather than a human being who must spend hours crunching the numbers.