Bodybuilding Supplements Made Simple

I was recently looking at my supplement stash and realized I hardly have anything. I mean, here’s what I’ve got: Vanilla Creme Muscle Milk, Vanilla Whey protein powder, Creatine, Glutamine, Vitamin D, Fish Oil, and CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). After I was shocked by how little in the way of supplementation I had (I don’t even take a multi-vitamin or fat burner like all the muscle mag bodybuilding shills tell me to). Quite simply, though, what I’ve got is all I need. While I pondered upon that I got to remembering how I never used to be a purest, meaning I used to have all kinds of supplements that I’d try Anavar steroid.

I wouldn’t even research before I bought. I’d read in a bodybuilding forum or website that such and such will do wonders for gains, or here’s what you can look like after taking such and such for this short period of time. I’d be seduced by the before and after shots of guys who supposedly took this such and such supplement. I was training hard but, of course, I was looking for help in achieving more gains d-bal max.

I’d go out to the popular vitamin store chains looking for the latest and greatest supplement, buy it, try it, and then read, oh, it even works better if you stack it with this other supplement, which by the way, we also manufacture. So, I’d get on a supplement buying binge and then $200 or $300 later I’d find out that, yeah I maybe did make some progress but maybe I could have made those gains simply through doing what I’ve always been doing – training heavy and hard and going all out in the gym Anabolic steroids.