Ectomorph Muscle Building Tips

Building muscle for hardgainers can be a difficult thing to do. Especially when you are not sure what you should be doing to pack on size. I understand that this can be frustrating. And so what I’m going to do is share with you some ectomorph muscle building tips.

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With these tips, you will be able to start packing on a lot of size and strength. Just make sure you workout consistently, stretch, and stay consistent week to week. By doing those things, the tips will help you get the results that you’re looking to achieve.

First tip that will help you build muscle is to eat foods that help with muscle gain. These are foods like steak, burgers, salmon, eggs, red potatoes, black beans, brown rice, fruits, protein shakes, etc. You should consume at least one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight.

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Try eating every two to three hours. This will give your body a steady supply of protein and amino acids which will help you build muscle fast.

Another ectomorph muscle building tip is to use mass gaining exercises. These are exercises that will help you pack on size fast. Exercises like shoulder press, deadlifts, bench press, and squats should be a part of your workout routine.

You should workout for about an hour, 4 days a week. If you workout too much, you’ll burn a lot of calories which will make it more difficult for you to add any weight. So, try to limit the amount of time you are in the gym.

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