Generators: Different Types

Whether you’re in the middle of a busy day at the office or you’re simply watching TV at home, power cuts can be infuriating. That’s partly because we’re so used to having a constant supply of electricity in domestic and commercial buildings in the 21st century. But it’s also because so much of what we do in our daily lives is now totally dependent on uninterrupted power, like watching a film on a laptop or even just browsing the internet.

It’s no surprise then that households and businesses around the world often consider buying or hiring a generator in case their power supply should be temporarily or permanently cut off – or, in some cases, non-existent. However, there are several types of generators to choose from and it’s important to understand what’s out there and which generator best suits your needs before making a decision.

Standby and Portable Generators

Standby generators are suitable for both home and office use, and are implemented so that they can be used in the event of a power failure. Standby generators for a home tend to be rather small in size so they can be conveniently stored away in a garage, while a commercial standby generator may be industrial in scale depending on the size of the office it has to serve. Often, these generators are connected to existing wiring when they are implemented so that when the usual power supply fails, they are switched on automatically.

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